10 Watt RF Amplifier Schematic

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    10 Watt RF Amplifier schematic for use on the 88 to 108 FM Wavelength

    10 watt rf fm verici güç katı devresi

    If you have a low power FM Transmitter of around 50 - 100 mW (.05 to .1 Watt), this amplifier will boost the power to between 8 and 14 watts output.
    This 10 Watt RF Power Amplifier uses the Philips BLY89C Transistor for the output and a 2N4427 driver stage. Because the output transistor is fully rated for 25 watts output minimum continuously, this circuit design is very robust and will tolerate very high SWR mismatch.
    You must use a small cylinder type heatsink on the driver transistor and of course a reasonably substantial finned heatsink for the BLY89C. Under normal operating conditions, about 5 watts of heat may be generated by the amplifier final device (BLY89C) and this is why the finned heatsink is necassary.
    This Amplifier uses tuning capacitors to maximise the power output and give maximum RF gain. There is an inherent advantage to using tuned stages in that the output signal is quite pure without additional filtering. Stability from spurious low frequency oscillation is provided by the damping resistors in the Transistor Base and Collector circuits.
    It is important to use brand new Trimming Capacitors when undertaking any Tuned RF Power Amplifier project. Second hand trimming capacitors can be bad news, as they can only stand an infinite number of adjustment cycles, and may be already shot when you fit them! The coils can be made out of readily available copper wire. Silver plated wire is not necessary at this power level and frequency.
    A correctly working unit will need a power supply that can provide a solid 12 volts (or 13.8 volts) dc at a current of at least 1.5 amps. Therefore, most CB power packs will be ok. But a 300 mA Wall Adapter most certainly will not!


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