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12V to 70V DC/DC Converters Circuit with 1400W

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  1. guclusat

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    14 Haziran 2009
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    Converter 12v to70V 14000w circuit

    Free Circuit dot com Today!,After I had posted many amplifier circuit but not post power supply or switching . So,I have one the DC / DC converter 1400W circuit A combination of modern DC / DC switching power supplies, conversion technology.
    A constant voltage and current control circuit implementation of the correction of output voltage variations due to transient variations in input voltage or load in less than 1.5 ms caused. This allows a constant stream of continuous short circuit.
    DC / DC converter circuit this simple DC-DC converter up to 70V on a 24V source. It can be used for amplifier,radios, sign lights, relays, horns and other accessories in 24V 12V vehicle with a maximum of about 800 mA. to run.

    Converter 12v to70V 14000w PCB

    It can be used for a 12V battery of another tax or increasing the voltage just enough to make the necessary efforts to provide a 12V linear regulator. With an operational amplifier as the oscillator to a square coil and other operational amplifier in a ring feedback loop, it will not proceed under varying loads to a stable 24V source for many applications. With a wide output adjustment of this circuit is very versatile.
    So,I have assembly picture also thus as below .

    Converter 12v to70V 14000w Assembly


    Vin = Vout (sec / pri) at a frequency of 50kHz.
    Voltage to 70 V voltage Battary 13.8V.
    70 = 13.8 (sec / pri).
    Thousands of Primary 6, I was around 6 ct 6.
    Representation 70 = 13.8 (sec / 6).
    Find the coil secondary = primary (Vout / Vin).
    = 6 x (70/13.8).
    = 31 Turn.
    Therefore, 31 cycles were 70V.
    If you want to reduce or increase Voltage ,you sould be reduce or increase the frequency of this circuit can be reduced switching pressure.
    If the frequency is too low to heat the Mosfet and Coli if high frequency noise than it is to offline Power Amp.

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