Analog Cmos Filters for Very High Frequencies

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    14 Haziran 2009
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    Integrated circuit technology is widely used for the full integration of electronic systems. In general, these systems are realized using digital techniques implemented in CMOS technology. The low power dissipation, high packing density, high noise immunity, ease of design and the relative ease of scaling are the driving forces of CMOS technology for digital applications. Parts of these systems cannot be implemented in the digital domain and will remain analog. In order to achieve complete system integration these analog functions are preferably integrated in the same CMOS technology. An important class of analog circuits that need to be integrated in CMOS are analog filters.
    This book deals with very high frequency (VHF) filters, which are filters with cut-off frequencies ranging from the low megahertz range to several hundreds of megahertz. Until recently the maximal cut-off frequencies of CMOS filters were limited to the low megahertz range. By applying the techniques presented in this book the limit could be pushed into the true VHF domain, and integrated VHF filters become feasible. Application of these VHF filters can be found in the field of communication, instrumentation and control systems. For example, pre and post filtering for high-speed AD and DA converters, signal reconstruction, signal decoding, etc. The general design philosophy used in this book is to allow only the absolute minimum of signal carrying nodes throughout the whole filter.
    This strategy starts at the filter synthesis level and is extended to the level of electronic circuitry. The result is a filter realization in which all capacitators (including parasitics) have a desired function. The advantage of this technique is that high frequency parasitic effects (parasitic poles/zeros) are minimally present.
    The book is a reference for engineers in research or development, and is suitable for use as a text for advanced courses on the subject.

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