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    14 Haziran 2009
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    This project is dedicated to support the Unilink changer bus on Becker car radios.
    Becker has implemented some downgraded version of Unilink protocol in there radios. The hardware layer is the same like the one from Sony, but the software layer is different.
    Good news is, that you can use my interface without changes to hardware (you need just another connector, at least at European radios) and you have to download a code with Becker support.
    Since the Becker Unilink protocol is more different than I thought, I decided to make a seperate code for Becker units.The following features are supported by Becker units in CD changer mode (AFAIK):
    - CD changers only (an MD ID is recognized as changer, but not supported by display)
    - CD names in Custom File style with 8 characters/name
    - Disc and track number, track and disc time
    - Random play on actual disc
    - Track repeat
    - Fast forward and rewind
    - Track scan, 12 seconds/track
    While playing around with my unit, I found out that MD changer mode is also supported, with MD disc and title name. So the code while support also MD changer mode.
    I have got a Becker Monza 7882 European model. There is no original Unilink connector. Just two big DIN-ISO connectors and an Mini-ISO connector field. The CDC will be connected via Mini-ISO. (Mini-ISO connectors are easy to get)
    Here is the Becker Monza 7882 unit pinout:


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