Childrens Encyclopedia of Saints Cyril and Methodius in 2011

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    Childrens Encyclopedia of Saints Cyril and Methodius in 2011


    Childrens Encyclopedia of Saints Cyril and Methodius in 2011 | 3.7 GB
    Genre: Office

    ChildrensEncyclopedia of Saints Cyril and Methodius (DEKM) - an exceptionalcollection of fascinating and useful information about the diversityaround us. The encyclopedia contains material about the nature of worldcivilizations and historical epochs, and outstanding personalities,Science and Technology, flora and fauna, history, inventions anddiscoveries. DEKM - thousands of responses to childrens questions,What How Where Why.

    25 multimedia panoramas (The Age of Dinosaurs, The era of primitive man and World Wildlife);
    Interactive map of the world (more than 80 maps and 800 sites with photos and descriptions);
    Interactive map of the sky;
    Video (more than 100 video clips, including 24 cartoons);
    Childrens workshop (16 video tutorials);
    Audio album (more than 240 audio fragments and 119 Audioplay);
    Childrens Library (170 literary works);
    Multimedia Theatre Snow Queen;
    Biographical Dictionary (over 275 articles about famous people);
    Developmental logic games and tasks;
    Quiz (over 200 interactive questions).

    Product Features:
    7400 encyclopedia and reference articles in nine thematic sections;
    More than 5,000 mediaillyustratsy;
    About 1,000 of interesting facts.

    The composition of the Childrens Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius also includes:
    WorldWildlife (19 multimedia panoramas) - each view - a window into theworld of wildlife. Earths ecosystems include landscapes characteristicof the major natural areas of our planet, where the natural environmentshows the typical representatives of flora and fauna of an ecosystem.Live sound, hundreds of slides and video clips provide an immersive.Intelligible texts and developed a system of links to similar articleson the subject of doing a mini-encyclopedia of the panorama of nature,which will be of interest for nature lovers of all ages.
    The era ofprimitive man - a multimedia panorama, which depicts a naturallandscape, animals living on our planet is 3.5 million - 700 thousandyears ago, at a time when there was the formation of man as a separatespecies.
    Learn English words - a collection of interactive tasks andvoiced songs in English will help your child remember the sound andspelling of English words and learn how to pronounce them.
    Pirates -an interactive illustrated tape, about the life of pirates, theirdangerous and life full of adventure, life and traditions, ships andtreasure, the application is full of illustrations for each point of thepirate route provides an encyclopedic article.
    Who many lives - aninteractive colorful illustrations tape containing data on lifeexpectancy in some animals - from tiny mayflies, living just a few hoursbefore the big elephant tortoises, whose career was a half century,each stop on the tape is provided with a brief article.
    As much asthey slept - a moving belt illustrated, containing information on theaverage daily sleep of some animals, such as saccular jumper to sleep 20hours a day, and the giraffe is not sufficiently greater than two.
    Speed ??- an interactive illustrated moving tape depicting the rate of movement of animals and mechanical means.
    Thebody temperature - an interactive illustrated colorful ribbon, whichshows the average body temperature of different animals.
    Sailingships of the world - an interactive illustrated moving belt, which tellsabout the most famous sailing ships in the world.
    Symphony Orchestra - Seating scheme musicians, accompanied by the sound of each instrument of the orchestra.
    Iand my name - a description of more than 200 male and female names(meaning, origin), as well as portraits of famous personalities who havecertain names.
    Logical problems - a collection of interactive boolean and arithmetic tasks to help develop logical thinking and intelligence.
    Holidays - a description of more than 60 state, national, religious, professional and other holidays.
    ChildrensLibrary - favorite books for babies and for those who are older.Literary works that are recommended for school and home reading.
    Childrens workshop - a collection of video tutorials that teach children make toys out of paper.
    BiographicalDictionary - brief biographies of the statesmen and public figures,scholars, artists, generals and military leaders, travelers andbusinessmen.
    Interactive map of the sky - a unique astronomicalinstrument that is required for anyone interested in astronomy and justloves to look at the stars. Opportunity to see the night sky from anypoint of the earth, at any time. Search for any celestial body. Theprecise astronomical information, charts of the constellations and more.
    Interactivemap of the world - a fascinating journey through countries andcontinents. Familiarity with plants, animals, sights of our diverseworld. On the interactive map contains more than 800 objects from photosand descriptions to help you get to know and explore the world aroundus.
    Quiz - with the help of the quiz can not only test theirknowledge on all sections of the encyclopedia, but also to look at manyof the facts in new ways. All the quiz questions, and their entries inmore than 200, divided into themes (sections) as well as theencyclopedic article.
    Games - Fun educational games with funny characters, puzzles, crosswords, puzzles, dressing up.

    In the new version of the encyclopedia added:
    5 video tutorials in the section Children Workshop, video tutorials will help you learn how to tinkering crafts out of paper;
    15 three-dimensional models of various objects and devices;
    50articles containing fun facts and events that complement the materialof encyclopedic articles (the articles are marked with Thatsinteresting!);
    more than 50 articles in the BiographicalDictionary - illustrated mini-articles about famous personalities(writers, artists, scientists, politicians);
    more than 100 colorfulphoto illustrations and drawings. Updated and expanded sections: Thecountries and continents, History of Russia, My Computer, Naturalphenomena, World Religions.

    In the encyclopedia includes a new application:
    Recipes- 30 different recipes for dishes that little chefs can easily preparetheir own, even without the participation of adults.


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