Converter dc / dc upgraded 12v 18v 5a

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    Sometimes it is necessary to increase the retention car to charge batteries or power appliances running more voltage as a portable, battery charging, powering 24V equipment. This converter is an all-rounder, thanks to its wide adjustability of output voltage and high performance.


    · Output current: 5A to 18V (10A momentary)

    · Input voltage: 10 to 15V DC

    · Operating Frequency: 40kHz

    · Effectiveness: 95%

    · Output voltage: 12 to 26V

    · Max Output Power 100W

    · Protections: low voltage CI 9.2 V, above intensity (10A) circuit F1, D2 and F1 by polarity in the circuit.

    E l circuit is an improved evolution of the above converters with the same IC (UC3843), in this case running in retention mode and connected to the MOSFET driver UCC3 7322. These two things together with the two MOS-FETs in parallel and the use of a core ETD29 for L1, give the converter the ability to handle more power than previous productions.
    printed circuit


    arrangement of components on the printed circuit


    PCB 132x96mm
    construction components and


    Picture where you can see the coil L1 of 64 μE, contrition is done by giving 15 laps twisted yarn 3-wire 0.8 mm enamelled attempt to reduce in this way the skin effect that occurs when working with high frequency. In a ferrite core ETD29 degree 3C85 or N27.las core pole pieces are separated with tape to reduce core saturation possible.


    Picture where you can see the two MOS-FET 60V 50A RFP50N06 DE, these components are not critical can use any equivalent, you can also see the double diode schottky type BYS28-90.
    90V 2X12.5A, this diode is outdated today can be replaced by any current type as an example S15D60C.parte are also very important mica spacers and insulators must not forget them.

    Picture where you can see the heat sink 28X50X50 brand ABL PPN0500B º C / W 5 Order Code 526-873.

    Dtail of the two 10Ω resistors R9 welded the face of the head of the IC.

    Detail of two diodes LED DL1, DL2 performance indicators, 12V fan connector MT1 to be usedonly in extreme conditions of high
    temperature inside a vehicle and potentiometer VR1 to adjust the inverter output retention



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