DC-DC Converter With Variable VDC Input

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    A DC-DC converter or another name known as buck regulator or switching regulator (because the input voltage can be either above or below the desired voltage output), provides stable regulated output voltage to supply electronic circuits. LM2576 converter circuits perform same function as the commonly known voltage regulator LM7805 from National Semiconductor. The 7805 voltage regulator dissipates a lot heat. The higher input voltage, the more heat is generated. The extra input energy is converted to heat, keeping the output voltage regulated at 5V.

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    LM2576 DC-DC Converter Circuits
    There a variety of capacitors out there in the market. Capacitance, voltage rating, dielectric material, etc… . Choose a suitable voltage rating across the capacitor. The circuits deals with high current, therefore it will be better to choose a low ESR (equivalent series resistance) Aluminum electrolytic capacitor. As a general guide, a higher voltage rating has lower ESR rating.

    The inductor coil use should be able to handle the current passing through the inductor coil. If the wire is too thin, the coil may be burn or just fail. My previous circuit uses small wattage inductor (package like a big resistor). The circuit couldn’t work and was later found to be IC problem. I have not yet do a test to check on the possibility of the inductor contributing to the failure.
    Using a inductor meter to measure the inductance will be easier. Inductance value can be observe immediately for any modification to the coil of wire. The inductance value can also be calculated, depend on the coil size, number of turns, wire size used, dielectric of the core etc… .
    The 1N5822 is a high current, high speed, schottky diode and is suitable for this digital switching circuit. Schottky diode (Schottky Barrier Rectifier), means that the forward voltage drop is low. For this application, a low forward voltage diode is necessary.
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