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Elektronik stetoskop tasarımı


Tanınmış Üye
Süper Moderatör
Electronic stethoscope designing project
Department: Bio-tech engineering, Electronics projects, ECE, Biotech.
Can be used for: Mini projects, engineering projects, electronics projects.This project was requested/students by an engineering student through the request form for project. The project topic is a good suggestion for mini engineering projects for electronics engineering / Biotech engineering students. The basis of this project is in the topic “Stethoscope”, a steth is an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of an animal body. Bending electronics and this old device will be very interesting. So this project will be provide a good impression while presentations.


Sample from this electronic project: The circuit is optional and has a gain of 71 to drive the bi-colour LED. This is a 1/4W power amplifier IC with built-in biasing and inputs that are referred to ground. It has a gain of 20. It can drive any type of headphones including low impedance (8 ohms) ones.

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