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Fatih Sultan Mehmet'in Hayati (ingilizce)

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    14 Haziran 2009
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    Fatih Sultan Mehmet'in Hayati (ingilizce)
    Mehmet II was born on 29th March 1432 in Edirne. He was the son of Sultan Murad II. His mother was Huma Hatun. He was a tall strong and muscular man.

    Mehmet II was a statesman and a military leader. He was also interested in literature fine arts and monumental architecture. He was educated by famous scholar Aksemseddin. Mehmet was speaking seven languages fluently. Another worthy tribute to the Ottoman ruler is the famous portrait of him by Gentile Bellini. He also interested in philosophy and science. He invited Ali Kuscu the famous astronomer to the observatory in Istanbul.

    Mehmet II was ascended the throne in his 20th year.He took the name “conqueror” (fatih) after the conquest of Istanbul on 29th May 1453.

    The conquest of Istanbul spelled the end of the Byzantine Empire and entered a phase of urban revival under the wise and tolerant administrations of Mehmet and his immediate successors. The capture of Istanbul was followed by a long succession of campaigns which resulted in a tremendous extension of direct Ottoman rule. Among those areas that fell to Mehmet II were Serbia[​IMG] Greece the Empire of Trezibizond[​IMG] Wallachia Bosnia Karaman[​IMG] Albania and several Venetian and Geneose[​IMG] maritime establishments.

    He ruled[​IMG] the Ottoman Empire for 30 years and joined 25 campaigns himself. He was a very strict statesman and a very brave soldier. He took place in front of his army in the wars and he encouraged his soldiers.

    The emperor[​IMG] had died on 3rd May 1481. He was buried in “Fatih Turbesi” (tomb)[​IMG] near the Mosque of Fatih in Istanbul.

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