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    FTP Voyager Full | 6.2MB

    FTP Voyager is the most powerful FTP client program for Windows (2000 Professional/ (Advanced) Server, XP Home / Professional, Server 2003, Vista) on the market. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, FTP Voyager lets you update a Web site with a single click, transfer files directly between FTP servers, and resume interrupted downloads. A perfect tool for Web developers or anyone that moves files on the Internet.The FTP Site Profile Manager makes it easy for you to add your own FTP sitest. You can also import your FTP sites from many other FTP applications for use in FTP Voyager. FTP Voyager supports secure connections using SSL and SSH. Additional features include auto ASCII/Binary transfer selection, advanced file filtering, folder shortcuts, clipboard URL monitoring, and dial on demand. You can also queue your downloads for later.
    By adding files to download to a queue, you can continue on with your FTP tasks and start the download queue when you're finished. This saves you time and saves on your connection's bandwidth while you have other FTP tasks to complete. Using the built-in FTP Scheduler, you can schedule all of your routine tasks, such as backing up and updating web sites, to take place at the time that is most convenient for you. FTP Scheduler is capable of uploading, downloading, synchronizing folders, and deleting files/folders. FTP Scheduler will even dial your Internet connection for you! Using a familiar Windows interface, people who have never used FTP before will feel at ease with FTP Voyager.

    FTP Voyager® New and Improved:
    • On-the-fly compression. FTP Voyager 11.1 and Serv-U 5.1 implement on-the-fly data socket compression using an extension to the FTP protocol called MODE Z.
    • Automatic Time Zone Support. Added Automatic Time Zone adjustments when connecting to Serv-U servers. FTP Voyager will automatically adjust file dates and times to local dates and times if connecting to a Serv-U server.
    • SFTP Through SSH2(FTP Voyager only). Connect to UNIX servers running SSH (Secure SHell). SFTP, unlike standard FTP, is a secure protocol that uses a single, encrypted connection, to perform all operations.
    • Secure FTP (FTPS) Using SSL. FTP Voyager and Serv-U both support SSL, the same level of encryption supported by your web browser, to protect your data. When using SSL your data is encrypted so that prying eyes cannot see it, and your confidential information is protected.
    • Accurate Time & Date Stamping. When a file is uploaded through an FTP client, the time and date is usually set to the time of upload. When FTP Voyager connects to Serv-U, the local time and date stamp are retained automatically.
    • Status of Server to Server Transfers. FTP Voyager displays the status of server to server transfers when the source or destination server is Serv-U 2.4b or greater.
    • Extended Directory Listings. FTP Voyager automatically uses "Extended" directory listings for complete and accurate listings. UNIX style servers don't show the file times on files 6 months old or older.
    • Password Encryption. FTP Voyager and Serv-U are the only FTP client and server that for Windows that use S/Key password encryption. When enabled only encrypted passwords are transferred over the Internet, protecting your valuable data even more.
    • Change Server Passwords. FTP Voyager has the ability to change user passwords on Serv-U.

    Changes in FTP Voyager, released January 5, 2009:

    * Added support for servers that perform DOS style listings where 24 hour times are returned in listings.
    * Upgraded development environment from Microsoft Developer Studio 2005 to Microsoft Developer Studio 2008.

    * Corrected a bug where thumbnail images would not be displayed when connected to server whose site profile required the user to enter the password manually.
    * Corrected an HTTP proxy bug where the connection would not be made to the server until the timeout value had been reached.
    * Corrected a bug where Drag and Drop to the Windows Desktop or Windows Explorer may not work if the temporary path specified in Windows refers to a 8.3 short path name.
    * Corrected a bug where FTP Voyager could crash when connecting to a server with a very long domain name.

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