JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise 6.5 [All Windows]

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    JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise 6.5 [All Windows]


    JetBrains TeamCity Enterprise 6.5 [All Windows] | 617 MB

    TeamCity is a continuous integration & build management solution which, following the tradition of IntelliJ IDEA, takes software team productivity to a whole new level.
    It automates and coordinates key collaborative processes to eliminate manual systems and delays, providing tight integration with multiple build and test tools, real-time unit test frequency, server-side inspections and code coverage analysis. TeamCity is a continuous integration and build management system. With TeamCity, you can set up a build server within minutes and enjoy out of the box continuous unit testing, code quality analysis, and early reporting on build problems - even without leaving your favorite IDE. TeamCity offers a gentle learning curve, so you can quickly improve your release management practices by gradually adopting its advanced features and capabilities.
    Build Grid uses a computing grid to run parallel builds on multiple Build Agents with different platforms
    Amazon EC2 integration for rapid Build Grid scaling
    Pre-tested commits help avoid breaking the code in the repository and optimize the code integration cycle
    On-the-fly test results reporting with intelligent tests re-ordering
    Build configuration templates for easier builds replication
    Over 600 automated server-side inspections for Java, JSP, javascript and CSS
    Comprehensive server configuration and Build Grid management console
    Role-based, per-project user administration with user groups support
    LDAP support with automatic user profile synchronization Assigning and taking responsibility over the broken builds
    Configurable per-user and per-user group notifications
    Detecting hanging builds, with a thread dump to help investigate the cause
    Customizable statistics on build duration, success rate, code quality and custom metrics
    Change history browsing with a Diff Tool and "History" builds
    Integration with issue tracking systems: JIRA, Bugzilla and JetBrains YouTRACK out of the box, more with 3rd party plugins
    Dedicated support for Maven and Gradle build systems
    Integrated code coverage and duplicates finder for Java and .NET
    Integration plugins for most major IDEs with automatic navigation between the web browser and your IDE
    Support for .NET, Java and Ruby
    What's New in TeamCity 6.5
    Less restrictions in Professional Edition
    Remote run on changes in DVCS branches
    Enhanced Build Parameters
    Parameterized Version Control System roots
    Project-level parameters
    Parameters completion
    Parameters of a build
    Restyled web interface
    Tests grouping
    Test failures muting
    Responsibility renamed to Investigation
    Reworked My Changes page
    Audit of project configuration changes
    Build steps
    Agents JVM upgrade
    Remote build agent installation
    Agents parameters report
    Amazon Elastic Cloud integration improvements
    IDE integration
    VS-addin integrates with JetBrains dotCover 1.1
    Filtering of data by current project


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