Jtag schemat- do DSR9500 _7000 _Pionner1430

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    14 Haziran 2009
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    Jtag schemat- do DSR95007000Pionner1430.zip

    Picture presents old version of 9500, but all hardware remains the same.
    New version is without connector J103 on board and that is the only diference.

    About JTAG:
    See the pictures
    Schematic present simple JTAG interface.
    Throw out all diodes (LEDs and the diode) from schematic,simply dont use them. Connect
    only resistors. You can use 4x150ohm and 1x39ohm resistors. It seems that sammy 9500 dont
    like diodes on JTAG. Flash works 100%

    About JKEYS software

    Use only this software with presented schematics.
    Start JKEYS133
    Choose "tools-flash tools"
    Follow instructions when you pass in (tools-flash tools). You may need to reset your
    receiver a couple of times before "erase flash" works. There is a possibility to reset in
    "boot link mode" by making bootsource0 tied to the ground. But resetting the receiver and
    pulling out the printer cable a couple of times will also work. You just need to repeat the
    resetting procedure to make it work.
    When you're resetting the receiver (best to do it by main switch)and JTAG (by pulling the
    printer cable out of the computer) you need to leave
    "tools-flash tools" option.
    Don't be afraid to press "erase flash" button. Once erase flash comes through that's it.
    When flash content is erased - press "write" and submeny will ask you for
    the flash file.YOU MUST HAVE 9500.bin WITH BOOTLOADER FILE (dsr9500mcmain.bin).
    Wait until blue line comes up to the end.There is no messages like
    "write OK" or "finished OK".
    When blue line finishes, that's it-just discconect everything. While you're doing this
    the display on the receiver will show a 0.

    Important note:
    Sometimes it is nececary to reset recevier and JKEYS few times to get erase and write flash funtions
    normaly.When you resetting you have to exit from flash tools option.
    To reset 9500 just switch off from power
    To reset JTAG just pull out printer cable from computer and then put back



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