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Precision +/- 15V regulator for pre-amp or headphone amplifier

This is a precision ±15V regulator on a single side PCB.The circuit is based on EB-802 with design by zerosoft on www.headphoneamp.co.kr .I have replaced some components that easy to find in the market and design a new PCB that look like symmetry layout.But,you can replace the components with high quality component if you can find.
I plan to use this pr.oject with my headphone amp in the future.In myprototype the top layer of PCB I use as ground plane only and unnecessary becuase all importance PCB route is the bottom only.

Adjust VR1 and VR2 to achieve the desired voltage output (±15V at CON2).




D1-D4 = 1N5822
C1-C4,C13,C14,C19,C20 = 0.1uF/63V flim capacitor
C11,C12 = 220uF/16V
C15,C16 = 47uF/35V
C5-C10 = 2200uF/25V or 35V Electrolytic capacitor (C7 and C10 may be 1000uF/25V)
L1 and L2 = 100uH
Q1 = IRF640 N-channel MOSFET
Q2 = IRF9640 P-channel MOSFET
IC1 and IC2 = NE5534 OP-Amp
D9 and D10 = LM326-5.0 Voltage reference or LM329DZ/6.9V
Ttransformer = 15-0-15 V ,2A
All resistors are Vishey/Dale RN-55

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