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Linguatec Personal Translator 14 Professional Multilanguage (Updated 2011)

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Linguatec Personal Translator 14 Professional Multilanguage (Updated 2011)

Linguatec Personal Translat 14 Professional Multilanguage (Updated 2011) | 1.2GB
Genre: Office
The Award Winning Personal Translat has led the field in automatic translations f many years and thousands of private and professional users around the wld rely on its intelligent advanced technology every day.

New: Including 7 languages:
German - English German - French English - French English - Italian English - Ptuguese (BR) English - Spanish English - Chinese
Excellent translation quality: Even complicated nested sentences and idioms pose no translation problems f SmartAnalyse. Read me details on next page.
Automatic crection of spelling mistakes makes the translation much better.
Global communication:
Personal Translat 14 Professional contains 7 language pairs:
German - English
German - French
English - French
English - Italian
English - Ptuguese (BR)
English - Spanish
English - Chinese
Intelligent context analysis:
Even wds with several possible meanings like coach (Bus/Trainer) Gericht (meal/court) are now translated crectly.
Huge dictionaries:
The dictionaries contain 3.8 million entries with explanaty sample sentences.
Individual adaptability:
Thanks to its translation memy Personal Translat Professional is able to ?learn?. Future translations are improved by continuous editing.
Business English:
Another 25000 text blocks are available f writing English business letters.
High quality voice Output:
The integrated reader function sounds astoundingly natural and is useful f proofreading when in doubt about pronunciation.
High data security:
In contrast to the online translats your locally installed Personal Translat does not represent a security risk.
Great f saving time:
A study by the Fraunhofer Institute has found that using the Personal Translat can help you save over 40% time.
Certified f Windows 7:
The certification f Windows 7 guarantees that the Personal Translat meets standards that make it particularly user-friendly and easy to use. Compatible with 32 and 64 bit processs.
The functions of Personal Translat 14 Professional in detail:
Your own personal translat
The Personal Translat 14 Professional is an efficient business tool that offers valuable assistance in challenging regular translation wk.
Using it has never been so easy