Locomotor apparatus - Anatomy and Radiology DVD

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    Locomotor apparatus - Anatomy and Radiology DVD
    Locomotor apparatus | Anatomy and Radiology DVD | 2.5GB

    This DVD-ROM concerns the locomotor apparatus (bones, joints and muscles), from the anatomical and radiological perspectives.The work, which refers to official terminology of the IFAA, is made up of over 1800 illustrated anatomical terms, more than 900 radiological images (RX/MR/CT), around 150 animations with commentary, a large number of QuickTime VR and 200 exercises.

    Bio Media SA is a company founded in Ticino (Switzerland) with the aim of developping multimedia applications and tools (such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM) for teaching of natural sciences.
    Our products are designed around an innovative approach towards the study of the scientific disciplines: state-of-the-art technology and graphic techniques are applied to produce modern and original teaching applications. Students of medicine, biology, physical education as well medical doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and ergotherapists will find in our products an educational support that the traditional manuals cannot provide.
    Bio Media SA, is advised by a panel of medical and scientific specialists in leading Swiss and foreign universities, so as to ensure the highest qualitative standard of its publications.

    Locomotor apparatus | Anatomy and Radiology

    In the chapter concerning the skeleton, the user can show chromatically the various details of a particular bone. This can also be done on radiographic images (RX).
    The zoom function allows enlargement of the bone in order to better show its morphology and measure the dimensions.
    Thanks to the technology of QuickTime VR, virtual rotation of the bone is possible, in order to see it from different angles.
    In addition, a synthesis is provided, where students can acquire the essential terminology of a determined anatomical part.
    In the chapter on joints, the user can show the individual characteristics of each joint, ligament, the morphology of joint surfaces, joint discs and meniscus. In addition, the films with commentary, made with 3D animation, show their possible movements.
    In the chapter dealing with muscles, the user has the possibility to isolate each single muscle, showing the points of origin and termination. In parallel, in the section on Magnetic Resonance (RM) and Computed tomography (CT), the muscles are shown chromatically in the transverse, frontal and sagittal planes.
    Muscle function is shown by means of animation with commentary.
    Also in this chapter, a syntheses section permits rapid summarizing of all the muscles present in a determined anatomical region.
    The student can print the original version of the text, or can modify the text so as to adapt it to his needs and save it onto the hard disc.
    Plenty of space is dedicated to the exercises, which are of two types: multiple choice questions, and exercises suitable to verify knowledge of anatomical terms. At the end of the exercises, the user receives an evaluation of the extent of his knowledge.
    The whole work has been prepared in four languages (English, Italian, French and German), available contemporaneously, meaning the user can move easily from one language to another.
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