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NewBlue FX Collection

Konusu 'Program Arsivi' forumundadır ve haingoc tarafından 8 Haziran 2011 başlatılmıştır.

  1. haingoc

    haingoc Guest

    NewBlue FX Collection


    NewBlue FX Collection 24.11.2010 | 627 MB

    An updated set of 24.11.2010 - replaced all the files in connection with updating the digital signature from 28.10.2010 and according to the manufacturer fixes minor bugs has been created for in Edius 6, AE x64, Vegas x64, x64 Premier activation in 64 bit systems .. . added NewBlueVideoEssentials4 NewBlueFreeEffects ... and replaced by a key generator.

    Last updated package plug-ins from NewBlue.Udobnaya new setup ...
    For ProductAll NewBlue VideoFX plugins
    UpdateEnhancements in Release 4.0 include:
    64 bit support for Adobe CS5: After Effects and Premiere
    New Windows Installer
    Install multiple platforms simultaneously
    Improved 64 bit support
    "Check for Updates" feature:
    "Check for Updates" button in Info dialog provides information about the latest bug fixes, features, and download link.
    EDIUS Improvements
    New EDIUS-centric UI
    Better integration
    Faster processing time
    Consolidated fixes
    Tool Tips
    All NewBlue UI controls have tool tips that appear when your cursor is over the control
    Double-click reset for NewBlue UI controls
    New rolling shutter support
    Consolidated fixes and improvements
    Significant CPU optimization for all Windows products

    Treatment procedure:
    Generator in the list 1st ...
    Install as usual, and then in the keygen select the desired product. Copy the Serial number and paste it in the window that opened at the beginning. Click "Manually activate". There, select "I already have ..." Click "Next" Then he asked - agree. Further copy of keygen a "Activation Code" and paste in the window. Then click "Done @ and he writes that the activation was successful.

    1. Install all plugins
    2. Run ManageActivation for each plug-in (All Programs-NewBlue)
    3. Run the crack and choose the plugin
    4. You copy and paste the Serial number in the activation window, click "Manually activate"
    5. Choose "I already have ..." Click "Next" ..
    6. Copy of keygena "Activation Code" and paste in the window, click "Done"

    Perhaps in order not to after a while, to be translated forward clock for several years before the installation ... I can not say ...

    When you install NewBlueFreeEffects need to enter your name and any email, which immediately comes an activation code that you want to enter ... more will pop up a few times the window to check as to which programs will be established ...
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    Dopwnload Filesonic


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