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NI Circuit Design Suite v10.1.197

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    13 Haziran 2009
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    NI Circuit Design Suite v10.1.197|282Mb
    The National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group (formerly Electronics Workbench) equips the professional printed circuit board (PCB) designer with world-class tools for schematic capture, interactive simulation, board layout, and integrated test.

    Intuitive Schematic Capture and Circuit Simulation

    You don't need to be a SPICE expert to design with Multisim. With an intuitive capture environment and an easy-to-use interface to industry-standard SPICE simulation, Multisim software can help you immediately begin designing and validating your PCBs. You can prevent costly prototype iterations and lost development time, as well as ensure quality with simulation and measurements earlier in your design flow.

    The Multisim product family (Base, Full, Power Pro) provides a complete set of tools for professional PCB designers:

    * Intuitive design environment
    * Modeless wiring and placement
    * Interactive virtual measurement instruments to view simulation and real signals
    * Circuit wizards for automatically generating commonly used circuitry
    * Rubber banding on parts/moves
    * Fast-retrieval parts bin
    * Easy export to NI Ultiboard for layout

    Professional Electronics Design Tools

    Accomplish complex designs with advanced Multisim features - from 24 sophisticated SPICE analyses to a comprehensive component library - all the while taking advantage of an easy-to-use design environment. Designers can incorporate the latest parts using a custom component wizard. They can also use NI LabVIEW measurement software to introduce real measurements into simulation for rapidly prototyping and testing designs.

    * More than 16,000 components, all with models ready for immediate simulation
    * Device models from leading manufacturers such as Analog Devices™ and Texas Instruments™
    * Easy addition of new parts and simulation models
    * Comprehensive suite of analyses, including Monte Carlo and Worst Case

    Streamlined Design Flow

    Move from concept to manufacturing seamlessly with an integrated toolchain, from capture to simulation, and layout to test.

    * Multisim schematic capture and interactive SPICE simulation
    * Ultiboard PCB layout with integrated routing technology
    * Custom LabVIEW measurement instruments for advanced design and prototype analyses
    * LabVIEW and LabVIEW SignalExpress interactive, industry-standard measurements and analysis

    Note: Multicap and Ultiroute have been integrated with the Multisim and Ultiboard products software to provide more standard functionality and a seamless user experience.

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