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Norman Malware Cleaner 1.8.3 [2010.12.28]

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Portable Norman Malware Cleaner 1.8.3 [2010.12.28] | 95 MB
Norman Malware Cleaner is a Norman program utility that may be used to detect and remove specific malicious software (malware). Note that it should not be used as a substitute for running normal proactive antivirus protection, but rather as a reactive tool to handle systems that are already infected. By downloading and running the program below it will clean an infected system completely: * kill running processes that are infected * remove infections from disk (including ActiveX components and browser helper objects) * reveal and remove rootkits * restore correct registry values * remove references created by malware in hosts file * remove windows firewall rules for malicious programs Switches to Norman Malware Cleaner -iagree Agree to license agreement (popup window suppressed) -scan Specify file/folder to scan -norecurse Do not recurse into subfolders. Only valid when used with /scan -exclude Specify file/folder to exclude -run Start scanning automatically -autoboot Reboot automatically after scan if needed -quiet Do not display GUI -log Specify log file -noclean Skip the cleaning process -nops Skip process scanning -nounpack Skip archive scanning ,