Oracle Database 11g R2 v11. x64 (Image VMWare)

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    Oracle Database 11g R2 v11. x64 (Image VMWare)


    Oracle Database 11g R2 v11. x64 (Image VMWare) | 13.42 GB

    If you need to learn Oracle Database 11g Release 2, but did not want to spend time installing and configuring the software - you can use this virtual machine!


    0. If at the start of the virtual mashiyn you get the error: "This virtual machine cannot be powered on because its working directory is not valid. Please use the configuration editor to set a valid working directory, and then try again.", Then go to the properties of the machine ( "Settings ... -> Options -> Working directory"), type the path to the directory in which this is a virtual machine.
    1.All software (instance and the listener) will automatically launch at startup OS. When shutdown-s running all the software also automatically stops.
    4.Vse settings held in the user's environment oracle.
    5.B as a desktop GNOME installed by default from the distribution OEL 5.6
    6.Enterprise Manager does not start automatically. To run it, use the command (as the user oracle): emctl start dbconsole
    To access Enterprise Manager, use this link: https_: / / localhost.localdomain: 1158/em
    7. To access the Application Express, use this link: http_: / / localhost: 8080/apex
    8.Virtualnaya machine created under VMware Workstation 7.1.4
    9.Takzhe virtual machine can run with VMware Player 3.0 (or higher).
    10. In the virtual machine installed VMWare Tools (rebuilt at the core of Oracle Kernel
    To increase the speed to do the following "tuning":
    - The kernel is replaced with the nucleus from Oracle (Oracle Enterprise Linux Kernel;
    - As a SCSI-controllers are used paravirtualizirovanye SCSI-controllers and drivers from VMWare (pvscsi);
    - The type of network interfaces - also the most productive paravirtual NIC (vmxnet3);
    - Paravirtualizirovanye drivers are installed in a VM;
    - Drives (u01 and u02) are aligned at the cluster file system VMFS;
    - After installing the software virtual disks were defragmented;
    - Stopped the service is not required to run from the Oracle.
    All this ensures high performance of Oracle in a virtual environment VMWare!
    Log in to the virtual machine:
    Passwords for all users (root / oracle / sys / system / admin): "oracle"

    Ext. Information:

    For all who want one already installed Oracle 11g Release 2 on Linux x64.
    List of new features: # NEWFTCH1
    WARNING: The release is for informational purposes. In Production can put on your own risk, as it is, because it is required to be licensed and supported by Oracle and partner Oracle



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