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    Kit 128 Pic Programmer


    Kit 149E Pic Programmer
    Kit 150 Pic Programmer
    Kit 182 Pic Programmer
    April 7, 2005
    Bob has put together some Notes on PIC ICSP Programming.

    Current Documentation being shipped with Kits 128 149 150 and 182.
    Kit 128
    Kit 149 Upgraded April 17, 2005.
    Kit 150
    Kit 182
    See pdf files within each diypack for more information and schematics.
    March 25, 2005
    If you log onto the Kit Forum you will see Bob Axtell is hard at work redesigning MicroPro, and doing a new PIC ProgrammerKit 185. One small problem we are fixing now is the transistors blowing particularly if ICSP wires are shortcircuited. In Kit 149we are now using 3xBC327-40 instead of the BC558, and the SOT23 MMBT2907A transistor for the other kits.
    Latest DIYpack for K128/149/150/182
    Download diypack25.zip This will be the last diypack until P19/MP2 is released. No new PICs will be added for the time being.
    Software protocol so people can port it to other platforms - click here (P018 as of August 16, 2004).
    Here is a list of the PICs the software & firmware of diypack25 supports for K149 and K150. K128 and K182 are flash programmers and support only those PICs with an 'F' in the partnumber:
    12C508 16C65A 16C77 16F76 16F877
    12C508A 16C65B 16C710 16F77 16F877A
    12C509 16C66 16C711 16F737 18F242
    12C509A 16C66A 16C712 16F747 18F248
    12C671 16C67 16C716 16F767 18F252
    12C672 16C620 16C745 16F777 18F258
    12CE673 16C620A 16C765 16F83 18F442
    12CE674 16C621 16C773 16F84 18F448
    12F62916C621A 16C774 16F84A 18F452
    12F675 16C622 16C83 16F87 18F458
    16C505 16C622A 16C84 16F88 18F1220
    16C554 16C71 16F627 16F818 18F1320
    16C558 16C71A 16F627A 16F819 18F2220
    16C61 16C72 16F628 16F870 18F2320
    16C62 16C72A 16F628A 16F871 18F4220
    16C62A 16C73 16F630 16F872 18F4320
    16C62B 16C73A 16F648A 16F873 16C63
    16C73B 16F676 16F873A
    Added from diypack23:
    16C63A 16C74 16F684 16F874 16F5x
    16C64 16C74A 16F688 16F874A 10Fxxx
    18F6525 6621 8525 8621
    (all beta) 16C64A 16C74B 16F73 16F876
    16C65 16C76 16F74 16F876A
    Added diypack25 12F683

    Support for 16F88 added in diypack22 on. Note 10K resistor needs to be added between pins 9 & 10
    of Programming sock

    Previous DIYpacks
    If your kit documentation says to get diypack18 or diypack19 or diypack22 etc. then you MUST get that version so that the supplied firmware runs with the MicroPro.exe version in the corresponding diypack. After you get the kit going then upgrade to the latest version by programming the firmware with the appropriate hex file from the latest version, replacing the firmware IC then running the latest MicroPro.exe.
    diypack23v2.zipSeptember 29, 2004. Voice annotations deleted. Support added for 15F5x. Beta (untested) support for 10Fxxx18F6525 6621 8525 8621
    March 2, 2004. To load into 628A chips go into Fuses and turn all code protection OFF.

    ana link :http://kitsrus.com/pic.html

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