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Power amplifier 2X18W with TDA1516Q

Konusu 'Amplifikatör Devreleri' forumundadır ve guclusat tarafından 27 Ağustos 2011 başlatılmıştır.

  1. guclusat

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    14 Haziran 2009
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    Power amplifier 2X18W with TDA1516Q1.jpg

    In a lot of cars, the car-radios use amplifiers that their output power does not exceed the 5W with enough distortion in the limits of power. The problem is untied with the utilisation of external amplifiers, that will have the possibility giving much bigger power, with much smaller distortion. With given the voltage operation of car that is + 12V, we do not have the possibility of taking power above a limit. The solution is we use two amplifiers in bridge connection, with result the output power quadruple, at least theoretically and in best, is doubled. A opamp. that it will facilitate a lot in order to we materialise above, easy and with very few external components, is the TDA1516Q, that contain two amplifiers in a chip, with gain 20dB, has protection from overheat and short-circuit. In bridge connection, as in the circuit, we can have output power 18W in load 4R, with distortion 0.5% and power above 20W with distortion near in the 10%, power very good for the area of car. The drive of amplifiers can become from the exit of already existing amplifiers. May it need we interfere in series, a potesometer, with that we will adapt level in such level, so that we do not have distortion from overdrive. The particular circuit can be also used for other uses except car, as drive small speaker computer. The amplifiers should be placed on a good heatsink.

    C1-2= 220nF 100V MKT
    C5-6= 2200uF 25V
    C3-4=100nF 100V MKT
    D1-2= 1N5408
    F1= 3A Fuse
    IC1-2= TDA1516Q
    S1=2X2 SW
    M1-2= Hoporlör 30W/4ohm
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