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Producer Pack - Ray Diaz Latin House Style Vol 1 (Wav/Rex)

Konusu 'Program Arsivi' forumundadır ve doremon866 tarafından 24 Haziran 2011 başlatılmıştır.

  1. doremon866

    doremon866 Guest

    Thissuperb 700 MB collection of over 1299 royalty free samples was createdby prolific producer Ray Diaz. It contains high quality musicalpatterns, drum loops, Chord hooks, Bass line hooks & Keybord Riffsthat will inspire your musical productions and take it to a level whereyou thought it wouldnnt go.
    Create music like your favouriteLatin House producers such Arts of Rhythm, Louis Vegas, MAW, Kenny Dope,Latin Kings, Ralph Rosario, Grant Nelson, Hot Hands, Davidson Ospina,Dj Memo, DJ Polla, El Latino Men, Lord G, Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillio,George Morel, or labels Like Strickly Rhythm, Nervous Records,Effective Music or Defected Records.

    All chords & keys havebeen organised in specific folders and labeled according to what key itsin for easy access. All drum patterns are organised in specific foldersaccording to the BPM for easy access..

    This pack is a real treatfor Latin House producers, so dont delay, and purchase this Brand newsample pack today to download and use instantly within your musicalproductions..

    All beat loops are 125 Bpm & 130 Bpm

    Production Quality:
    Allof the content was mastered by Ray Diaz Pro Tools HD TDM studio usingonly the best and leading audio production equipment. All data has beenpassed through our high quality control system to ensure that allcontent is fully tested and works perfectly in all your applications.

    Mirror 1:


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