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Restorator 2007 Updates 2 (32-Bit & 64-Bit)


Tanınmış Üye
Süper Moderatör

Restorator 2007 - Resource Editor for many file types (exe, dll, ocx, scr, and others ...).
With Restorator you can Russify programs, change images, icons, menus, dialogs, sounds, animations, etc.
After all the changes to the file, you can create a patch. You can view, extract and modify images,
icons, text, dialogs, cursors, sounds, video, menus and other resources. In addition, you can create
a small executable programs, patches for application changes, but only for one file.

The main feature of the program are translated and appearance adjustment applications.
Supports a large number of files. Ability to create patches to apply your changes without
the use of a restaurateur. Edit almost all internal resources. Editing Resources is a special window.
Resources appear as standard, as text files. Built-in search of resources.

New features in Restorator 2007:
-Improved command line parameters, specify as many operations at once.
-See command line parameters in the reference manual for more info.
-Support for 64-bit exe files (amd64, ia64)
-Easier String management: display string resources in just one resource
-Support for Vista-style icons
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