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Robot Manipulator Control Theory and Practice - 2003 Containi

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    14 Haziran 2009
    Ödül Puanları:

    Hardcover: 430 pages
    Publisher: Marcel Dekker Ltd; 2nd E. Revised and Expanded edition (12 Dec 2003)
    Language English
    ISBN-10: 0824740726
    ISBN-13: 978-0824740726


    http://www.robot.bmstu.ru/files/boo...ntrol Theory and Practice - Frank L.Lewis.pdf

    Containing over 750 essential equations, this thoroughly up-to-date Second Edition logs the capabilities, limitations, sensors, and controllers of today's commercial robots ... explores computed-torque control in conjunction with several classical and modern robot control schemes ... covers feedback-linearization and nonlinear controllers as well as dynamics redesign in robust control ... presents computed-torque, inertia-related, and passivity-related approaches to adaptive control ... contrasts outcomes with robust and adaptive control given uncertainties and disturbances ... relates advanced techniques involving learning control, joint flexibilities, and more ... introduces control using static neural networks plus tuning algorithms for linear- and nonlinear-in-the-parameters neural networks ... examines force control from stiffness control of a single-degree-of-freedom manipulator to implementation issues in reduced state position control ... and studies the computer simulation of controlled nonlinear systems, providing generous examples and an appendix of software options for controller simulation.

    An in-depth study of control systems for se-ri-@l-link robot arms, of interest to both controls engineers and roboticists. Material new to the revised edition includes chapters on commercial robot manipulators and devices, neural network intelligent control, and implementation of advanced controllers on actual robotic systems. The authors (engineers who teach at US universities) note that they intended to write a text for a second course in robotics at the graduate level but that the text has also been used by undergraduate electrical engineering students at the U. of Texas at Arlington.
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