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Sigmatel stmp 3738 brief introdution


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SigmaTel’s STMP3700 System on Chip (SoC) provides customers the ability to design and develop high performance Personal Navigation Devices (PND) for the GPS market. The 90nm STMP3700 has a ARM9-based applications processor coupled with on-chip audio and power management functions. This highly-integrated SoC eliminates over 10 previously-discreet ICs typically found in PND devices. First used in PMP and MP3 players, the STMP3700 SoC is already introduced into the market and in high volume production. Unlike other ARM9 based ICs, the SigmaTel chip integrates the analog functions on the same silicon die as the processor.


Now the power management functions, normally priced at several dollars and spread across several analog ICs, are integrated at a cost and space savings. Furthermore, the analog audio CODEC which powers the headphones and speakers is also integrated. SigmaTel has gained a reputation in the MP3 space for its high quality audio performance from this integrated audio CODEC. Now PNDs can offer the same high quality sound previously found only on dedicated MP3 players. Additionally, the 350MHz STMP3700 has video acceleration hardware which allows full QVGA H.264 video playback at 30 frames per second. Not only can you then listen to music, but you can watch full quality, high-resolution video on your PND. The STMP3700 supports WinCE5, WinCE6 and Linux Operating Systems.





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