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Sitemap for XenForo version 1.1.1


Tanınmış Üye
Süper Moderatör
Updated for 1.1.1

A sitemap is an XML file that holds all the links in your forum. For example, it might include the URLs for your forums, your threads or your member profile pages. They are used by search engines to discover content and help on indexing your site.

You can read more about Sitemaps at Google, here: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=156184

This Add-on generates a sitemap for your XenForo powered site, you can choose to generate a sitemap with either your forums, threads, member profile pages, or everything. It will also keep the sitemap updated by regenerating it every night.

Installation instructions
1. Upload all the files in the "upload" folder to your XenForo installation

2. CHMOD 777 the sitemap folder
You should have a sitemap folder under your XenForo installation.
This folder must be writable by the server

3. Add the Mod in your AdminCP
a) Go to your Admin Control Panel
b) Click on "Add-ons"
c) Click on "Install Add-on"
d) Select addon_cemzoo_sitemap.xml and click on Install

4. Run the sitemap for the first time (optional)
a) Go to your Admin Control Panel, Tools
b) Click on the option for Cron Entries
c) On the controls for "Rebuild Sitemap", select "Run"​

After running the cron job, if you SSH to your server you should be able to see several sitemap.xml.gz files in the sitemap folder that should be now under your root installation.

Info for hackers / License:
You may modify, improve, upgrade, redistribute this hack, include it
in another hack or yours or translate it provided you do it free of
charge. There is no need to pm me asking for permission.

Code fragments in this Add-On may reference code copyrighted by XenForo Ltd.
This Add-On should only be used by XenForo license holders.

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