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    The general hobby of modding has not bypassed and me. Two lights-emitting diode matrixes 5*8 was completely becoming in a five-inch compartment of a computer - that I had seen decided to make it on basis of spectrums’.

    This is idea of the device: the computer program should allocate a spectrum of a sound signal and through a serial port to transfer the data to the microcontroller which in a dynamic mode serves a light-emitting diode matrix. I have looking for information on decomposition of a sound and conclude, to make it with the help of special library for processing a sound bass.dll with distribution what include set of examples in different programming languages of high level.

    The microcontroller ATMEL AT90S2313 is the heart of device, if the program to alternate it is possible to use and ATTINY2313. The controllers accepts the data from a serial port and with the help of conclusions of port B and the additional decoder 74145 is deduce a spectrum on the light-emitting diode screen are collected from two matrixes. The unit of the coordination of levels COM - TTL is collected on to transistor. Brightness of a matrix depends from resistors R4-R11.

    The device was collected on two printed-circuit-boards. Two light-emitting diode matrixes were established in the first, and other elements - in the second. The decorative overlay is cut out from an unused plastic of five-inch insert.

    The program of the microcontroller was written in BASCOM-AVR. The managing program from the part of a computer is written on VISUAL BASIC. The program was altered from, example of library for processing a sound bass.dll. Some fragments were added to it. One of it’s program to be breaks and averages the spectrum in to 16 sites, others to process buttons of management to organize the virtual light-emitting diode screen and to receive data in a serial port. After had earned spectrum’s analyzer, has added watch in to and casual inclusion - deenergizing of light-emitting diodes. Spectrum’s analyzer had two operating modes - columns and points.






    Source code:

    '* Filename : LED-MATRIX 5*16
    '* Revision : 1.0
    '* Controller : AT90S2313
    '* Compiler : BASCOM-AVR DEMO
    '* Author : Rubashka Vasiliy , Ukraine , 2007
    '* WWW : led effects resveratrol lyrica fastin at ledeffects.net
    '* Mail : info@ledeffects.net
    '$regfile = "attiny2313.dat"
    $regfile = "2313def.dat"
    $crystal = 11059200
    $baud = 9600
    Const Buffer_size = 10
    Config Portb = Output
    Config Portd.2 = Output
    Config Portd.3 = Output
    Config Portd.4 = Output
    Config Portd.5 = Output

    Dim Base As Byte
    Dim Temp As Byte
    Dim Comdata As Byte
    Dim Bad1 As Byte
    Dim Bad2 As Byte
    Dim Bad3 As Byte
    Dim Bad4 As Byte
    Dim Bad5 As Byte
    Dim Bad6 As Byte
    Dim Bad7 As Byte
    Dim Bad8 As Byte
    Dim Bad9 As Byte
    Dim Bad10 As Byte
    Dim Index As Byte
    'Portb = &HFF
    ' Timer0 Interrupt
    Config Timer0 = Timer , Prescale = 64
    On Timer0 Timer0isr ' Timer0 Auto Reload Timer Mode
    Enable Timer0 ' Enable Timer0
    Enable Interrupts ' Enable All Interrupt
    Start Timer0 ' Start Timer0

    Base = Inkey()
    If Base = "S" Then
    Gosub Download
    End If

    For Index = 0 To 9
    Temp = Waitkey()
    If Temp > "9" Then
    Temp = Temp - 7
    End If
    Shift Temp , Left , 4
    Comdata = Temp And &HF0
    Temp = Waitkey()
    If Temp > "9" Then
    Temp = Temp - 7
    End If
    Temp = Temp And &HF
    Comdata = Comdata Or Temp

    Select Case Index
    Case 0 : Bad1 = Comdata
    Case 1 : Bad2 = Comdata
    Case 2 : Bad3 = Comdata
    Case 3 : Bad4 = Comdata
    Case 4 : Bad5 = Comdata
    Case 5 : Bad6 = Comdata
    Case 6 : Bad7 = Comdata
    Case 7 : Bad8 = Comdata
    Case 8 : Bad9 = Comdata
    Case 9 : Bad10 = Comdata
    End Select
    Next Index

    Timer0isr: ' Timer Interrupt 0
    Portb = Bad1
    Portd = &H00
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad2
    Portd = &H04
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad3
    Portd = &H08
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad4
    Portd = &H0C
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad5
    Portd = &H10
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad6
    Portd = &H14
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad7
    Portd = &H18
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad8
    Portd = &H1C
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad9
    Portd = &H20
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = Bad10
    Portd = &H24
    Gosub Outd
    Portb = &H00

    Waitus 100

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