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the proper use of MP3/MP4 lithium batteries

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    14 Haziran 2009
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    the proper use of MP3/MP4 lithium batteries
    1, lithium battery types:
    Currently on the market used mainly nickel-metal hydride secondary battery (Ni-MH) and lithium-ion (Li-ion) types. Lithium-ion batteries have been mass production of liquid lithium-ion battery (LiB) and polymer lithium-ion battery (LiP) two kinds. Therefore, in many cases, the battery on the mark of the Li-ion must be the lithium-ion battery. But not necessarily that of liquid lithium-ion battery, also possible that the polymer lithium-ion battery.
    Lithium-ion battery is a lithium battery improved products. Lithium batteries have a long time ago, but lithium is a highly active (remember it's location in the periodic table do?) Of metal, it is not very safe when used often in charge when burning, burst situation, then there is an improved lithium-ion batteries, lithium can inhibit the added element of active ingredients (such as cobalt, manganese, etc.) so that lithium really achieve safe, efficient, convenient, while the old lithium batteries also will be basically eliminated. As to how to distinguish them from the battery's label will be able to identify, lithium battery for Li, lithium-ion battery for Li-ion. Now, notebook and digital products use so-called "lithium batteries", in fact, are lithium-ion battery.
    The basic structure of modern batteries, including cathode, anode and electrolyte three elements. As a kind of battery, lithium-ion battery also has these three elements. General lithium-ion technology uses a liquid or inorganic gel electrolyte, requiring a solid combustible shell to accommodate the active ingredient, which increases the battery weight and cost, but also limits the size and styling flexibility. In general, liquid lithium-ion secondary battery is a minimum thickness of 6mm, a further reduction on the more difficult.
    The so-called polymer lithium-ion batteries are the three main structures in at least one or more of the use of polymer materials as its main battery system.
    A new generation of polymer lithium-ion polymer battery technology is already very high degree, so the shape can be of thin (the thinnest 0.5 mm), of any size and any shape of greatly increased battery Flexible Design , so it can meet the demand, made any shape and capacity of the battery. At the same time, polymer lithium-ion battery unit of energy than the current lithium-ion batteries in general increased by 50%, of its capacity, charge-discharge characteristics, security, operating temperature range, cycle life and environmental performance in such aspects as compared with large lithium-ion battery rate increase.
    Currently marketed in liquid lithium-ion (LiB) over-charging the battery case, and therefore likely to cause safety valve ruptured fire situation, it is very dangerous, so the need to protect the IC circuit installed to ensure that the battery does not happen over - charge of the case. The polymer lithium-ion batteries, this type of battery lithium-ion batteries in terms of the relative liquid has good resistance to charge and discharge characteristics, we add the external IC circuit protection requirements may be appropriately relaxed. In addition, in the charge, the polymer lithium-ion batteries can take advantage of IC constant current charge, and lithium-ion secondary battery used in CCCV (Constant Currert-Constant Voltage) charge means the time required for comparison, can shorten a lot of waiting time.
    How do I charge the battery for a new
    The use of lithium batteries should be noted that a period of time after the battery is placed into hibernation, lower than normal capacity at this time, use of time has also come to shorten. However, lithium batteries can easily activated, as long as after 3-5 times the normal charge-discharge cycles the battery can be activated to restore to normal capacity. As the lithium battery's own characteristics, its decision is almost no memory effect. Digital products so that users of the new lithium battery in the activation process does not require special methods and equipment. Not only the theory that, from my own practice point of view, from the outset on the use of standard method of charging that "activation" approach is the best.
    lithium batteries used in digital products in the charging and discharging, the most important tips are:
    1, in accordance with standards and procedures, charging time, even the first three have to do so;
    2, when there is low power consumption of digital products prompted, you should try to begin charging a timely manner;
    3, lithium batteries do not need to activate the special method, in the normal use of digital products lithium batteries will naturally activated. If you insist on spreading the use of "the three previous 12-hour long activation charge" approach, in fact there will be no effect.

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