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Ubuntu 10.04.2 OEM (x86)

Konusu 'Program Arsivi' forumundadır ve omega tarafından 12 Haziran 2011 başlatılmıştır.

  1. omega

    omega Guest

    Ubuntu 10.04.2 OEM (x86)
    Ubuntu 10.04.2 OEM (x86) | 851 MB

    For OEM-supplier computers
    Designed for a preset on new computers for sale, as well as for many installations.
    The only thing you need to answer you when you install - how to put the system on your hard drive. Everything else: the language of the system, setting the time zone, keyboard, creating a new user in the system and another system is already asking when you first start your computer after installation.

    System requirements:
    CPU: AMD or prots.Intel
    HDD: 3GB minimum
    RAM: 256M minimum

    On the installation disc is already present and does not require additional downloads from the Internet:
    - All updates through June 2011;
    - Full support for Russian, Ukrainian and English languages;
    - Includes full support for multimedia (audio and video codecs: avi, divX, mp4, mp4, amr, Flash and others). Problems when watching movies or listening to music after the installation you will not;
    - Support for multiple types of archives (RAR, ACE, ARJ and others);
    - Full support for Windows-network.

    Title : Ubuntu 10.04.2 OEM
    Year : 2011
    Version : 10.04.2

    Filesonic.com Fileserve.com Rapidshare.com Hotfile.com

    I will check, If link die, I will reupload at here


    Download Filesonic
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