Unreal Development Kit 2011.03 Beta 2

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    Unreal Development Kit 2011.03 Beta 2


    Unreal Development Kit 2011.03 Beta 2 (2011) | 1.36 GB

    Unreal Development Kit - is a complete professional system of game development. Istrumentary game engine Unreal Engine 3 allows you to create great games with advanced imaging and 3D-modeling. This famous engine and tools are among the best. Kit allows you to create free games and modifications thereto, to study the mechanism of 3D-applications, shoot digital movies and even use the simulation system for various studies.

    ? Direct access to the Unreal Engine 3, one of the most exciting, modern and spectacular 3D engine.
    ? A simple process of creating their own content using the editor, Unreal Editor, a very powerful and functional tool to perform a myriad of operations to create their own playing space. Here already includes tools for creating physics characters and objects, the browser game data, tools for creating cinematic splash, editor of particle physics and simulate the effect of environment and weather, a unique system of global illumination, etc.
    ? Save time at work due to compatibility with useful every developer tools like SpeedTree, Bink Video, and FaceFX.
    ? The end product of creativity is run as a standalone application, it does not require installing any additional software.

    Unreal Engine powerful and flexible engine, UE3 used in numerous projects, has proved its dominant position in countless games.
    Developers engine fully supports its users by providing documentation, help, examples and source code for games created using the Unreal Engine 3, such as game Whizzle. With UDK Epic created the most popular first-person shooter for the PC - Unreal Tournament.

    Unreal Engine 3 to work has an integrated editing environment and management Unreal Editor. All of the key tools available through UnrealEd. Unreal Content Browser makes it convenient and easy to work with meshes, materials, sounds and animations.
    Render the system UDK Gemini provides 64-bit HDR rendering. Appearance of games on this system visualization nominate your games at the highest level. Of detail and realism of games guaranteed.

    AnimSet Viewer - tool for working with animation and the creation of meshes. Skeletal animation system of four bones and vertex blending into account many animations at once.
    UnrealScript - is a simple high level programming language that gives full control scripts. Scripts can be associated with visual system Unreal Kismet, that does not require any programming knowledge. UnrealScript allows you to flexibly build gameplay elements, connected or disconnected some elements and features.
    Used physics engine of NVIDIA's PhysX, which gives you incredible control over your character, liquid and soft bodies. To customize and edit physics used Unreal PhAT.



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