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Unreal Development Kit 3.0 (2011.05)

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    Unreal Development Kit 3.0 (2011.05)


    Unreal Development Kit 3.0 (2011.05) | 1.32 GB

    UnrealEngine 3 is used in many areas and by different users:geymdeveloperami, researchers and television studios, cartoonists andcreators of machinima, artists, students, etc. Unreal Engine 3 is usedby the bigger, better, popular and creative game developers, becausethis system allows you to create outstanding games. If you have an ideathat can be implemented in three-dimensional world, the UDK - for you.

    Unreal Engine powerful and flexible engine, UE3 used in numerous projects, has proved its dominant position in countless games.
    Developersengine fully supports its users by providing documentation, help,examples and source code for games created using the Unreal Engine 3,such as game Whizzle. With UDK Epic created the most popularfirst-person shooter for the PC - Unreal Tournament.
    Unreal Engine 3to work has an integrated editing environment and management UnrealEditor. All of the key tools available through UnrealEd. Unreal ContentBrowser makes it convenient and easy to work with meshes, materials,sounds and animations.
    Render the system UDK Gemini provides 64-bitHDR rendering. Appearance of games on this system visualizationnominate your games at the highest level. Of detail and realism ofgames guaranteed.
    AnimSet Viewer - tool for working with animationand the creation of meshes. Skeletal animation system of four bones andvertex blending into account many animations at once.
    UnrealScript -is a simple high level programming language that gives full controlscripts. Scripts can be associated with visual system Unreal Kismet,that does not require any programming knowledge. UnrealScript allowsyou to flexibly build gameplay elements, connected or disconnected someelements and features.
    Used physics engine of NVIDIAs PhysX, whichgives you incredible control over your character, liquid and softbodies. To customize and edit physics used Unreal PhAT.
    In UDKstunning light and shadow. The game world with advanced lighting andshading system, the technology of Unreal Lightmass, global illuminationfor high-quality static and light effects. UDK supports the moderntechnologies of lighting and rendering, control materials. Unreal Swarmworks in tandem with the Unreal Lightmass for complex calculations.
    Inthe UDK has all the tools to manage the system kinematics, which allowyou to work with all objects of the game world. Unreal Matinee providescontrol over all the objects and the camera preview in real time.
    Hasan opportunity to work with dynamic, deformable height map terrain.Built-in networking UDK offers LAN and direct IP connection. Thatallows you to create network online games.
    A powerful visualinterface that is comparable with XSI and Maya, gives artists anopportunity to create complex real-time shaders on the fly. System ofparticles Unreal Cascade, providing all the effects: fire, smoke, rain,dust, etc.
    There is support from Autodesk FBX format to importmeshes and animation tool Attachment Editor to build and trackrelationships between objects; option blur generated by MIP-levels forthe texture memory at no additional cost or performance.
    High-qualitysound system that supports 3D sound. UDK supports all the latest audiocompression system, including Ogg Vorbis. You are given completecontrol over the pitch, level, playback, looping, filtering,modulation, and randomization. For the video uses Bink Video Codec,which allows you to manage videos on your own.
    With UDK possibleextensive work with artificial intelligence, placed in space, andgameplay. AI-system can give life to multitudes of characters, whichwill operate under simulated conditions.
    Build a wonderful world andthen allow your players to break it apart. System failure UDK toolallows virtually any game element, cut it into as many fragments of alot of demolition. UDK supports the destruction of everything, frommetal to fabric, bringing more realism and interaction of theenvironment.
    SpeedTree Foliage Editor - provides velekolepnye,realistic, animated trees and plans in real-time technology SpeedTree.In UDK integrated system SpeedTree, which allows fast and easy to workwith the landscape, vegetation, etc.
    The system of facial animationFaceFX, included in the UDK, makes it possible to sync lip movements ofcharacters with sound. You can add animation and facial expressionsyour characters in the game without destroying the model that meansconnecting voice.
    Epic Games provided an opportunity for everyoneacquainted with its primary technology - Unreal Engine 3 - free ofcharge. You are given the Unreal Engine 3 and a number of tools fordeveloping games on the PC. Free version of the engine is distributedfor informational and educational purposes, therefore create commercialprojects is not permitted, this requires a separate contract.
    The developers will update their product and plan for the future include additional features such as support for game consoles

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