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    vBSSO is a vBulletin plugin that helps you connect to different software platforms like content management systems, blogs, and online stores using a secure Single Sign-On

    The system has two components. First, there’s a vBulletin plugin that creates an interface for authenticating, controlling access, and managing user profile data. The second component is plugins for other platforms (like WordPress) that teach it to talk to vBulletin and exchange data. Here’s a list of support platforms.

    Supported Platforms (http://vbsso.com/platforms/)
    • vBulletin 4.x
    • WordPress 3.x, Multisite 3.x

    SSO Key Features
    • Run across different sub-domains, domains, servers and ports
    • Easy setup & configuration
    • Automatically log into third party applications when you log into vBulletin
    • Automatically log out of third party applications when you log out of vBulletin

    Single Sign-On
    • Log to third party applications through vBulletin
    • Log out of third party applications through vBulletin
    • Register to third party applications through vBulletin
    • Recover password to third party applications through vBulletin

    • Free, open source
    • GNU general public license, version 2
    • Reusable code

    • Encrypted data exchange via private unique shared key
    • Friends with firewalls
    • Communicates purely through API of the connected platform
    • Basic Access Authentication support

    Setup & Configuration
    • Quick startup
    • Advanced configuration options
    • Backup & Restore

    • Sync vBulletin avatars with third-party applications

    User Groups
    • Restrict access to third-party applications using vBulletin usergroups
    • Add visitors of third-party applications to vBulletin usergroups

    • Custom vBulletin login page
    • Custom vBulletin registration page

    == Changelog ==

    = 1.4.2 =
    • Resolved installation error "Invalid SQL: INSERT INTO `vbsso_users`" thrown in cases when account duplicates exist. We check for the duplicates and throw the warning during the installation phase.
    • Fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined function print_cp_header() error when vBulletin is configured to have custom named AdminCP folder.
    • Implemented un-installation hook to disconnect all the connected to vBSSO platforms.
    • Added a check to warn if vBulletin "User Registration Options -> Require Unique Email Addresses" is disabled and duplicated accounts are allowed.
    • [Updated November 17, 2011]

    = 1.4.1 =
    • Fixed Warning: call_user_func_array() [function.call-user-func-array]: First argument is expected to be a valid callback, 'Logger::warning' was given in /vbsso/includes/functions_logging.php.
    • [Updated October 10, 2011]

    = 1.4 =
    • Refined Notifications section, renamed it to Logging & Notifications, added the options to log vBSSO logic, keep logging files and send log messages to email.
    • Improved installation process by cleaning up the database before the product is completely installed.
    • Improved installation process by adding a check for the required PHP extension before the plugin is completely installed or upgraded.
    • Fixed the issue that might be a cause of the empty page in admincp.
    • Moved the settings to standard vBulletin Options.
    • Moveed Backup & Restore to standard vBulletin Backup & Restore facility.
    • Added vBulletin 4.x version as a dependency for the plugin.
    • Removed option to set Forum Path.
    • [Updated September 28, 2011]

    = 1.3 =
    • Added sending of the authentication event to the connected platform as soon as user is registered in vBulletin.
    • Fixed issue with ':' delimiter located between host and port in url in case of using non-standard port #80
    • Added support to redirect to lost password page via API.
    • Added config.custom.default.php file as a config sample.
    • Fixed "Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated" error.
    • Added error message in case if platform couldn't be verified for some reason.
    • Removed the extra steps to set up forumpath setting, it's being setup automatically during plugin installation.
    • Fixed css to display "SSO provided By" text correctly in different theme layouts.
    • [Updated September 18, 2011]

    = 1.2 =
    • First release
    • [Created September 10, 2011]

    Project Supported by Diabetes Daily
    "We are in dept to those who have donated their code and advice to us over the last six years. Without that support, we would never have built one of the most successful diabetes communities. This is our way of 'paying it forward' so others can do more better and faster." - David Edelman, Co-Founder of Diabetes Daily

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