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vBulletin [AJAX] Live Search

Konusu 'vBulletin' forumundadır ve uydudoktoru tarafından 26 Ocak 2012 başlatılmıştır.

  1. uydudoktoru

    uydudoktoru Tanınmış Üye Yönetici Yönetici

    13 Haziran 2009
    Ödül Puanları:
    Mod Version: 4.0.6

    Search without reload pages: by threads, by users with many sort criteria.

    • search only, if typed >= 3 symbols;
    • header to window with button close;
    • message about no result;
    • limit number of threads;
    • highlight words in result
    • trim title of thread, if it large (optional)
    • edit position of pop-up window
    • work with vBadvanced
    • limit the number of displayed results
    • group permission
    • search by your own forums
    • sort results of search
    • mod makes only one query to db
    • full compatibility with styles and browsers
    • search by individual words
    • integrate option into standard search
    • search only the specified length of each word
    • users search
    • interval requests
    • wrote 2 js class
    • able to drag'n'drop window
    • Search by threads now produced on an index table thread (fulltext - optional), which increases the speed of search
    • Changed the type of floating window (refused vbmenu)
    • popup transplanted to the div's in tact vb4 (tried to get the maximum sync with the style and API)
    • (for non english users) offer the ability to change the keyboard layout: if by the word search returns zero results, it will try to verify whether the correct layout are the words, checking every word of the existence of the database as a dictionary. In functions_livesearch.php you can find table of characters
    Upload all files from folder upload to forum folder.
    Import product.

    4.0.0 - initial release
    4.0.1 - fixed some issues, compatibility with 4.0.x
    4.0.5 - rewrote js engine
    4.0.6 - fix bug with chrome, fix overlay, some js optimization

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