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Wearable LED Gadget with Full-Color LEDs

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  1. guclusat

    guclusat Tanınmış Üye Süper Moderatör

    14 Haziran 2009
    Ödül Puanları:
    New addition to my wearable LED accessories is A12. A12 is the same size as R48, uses the same microcontroller and battery, but with 12 full-color LEDs. A12 produces patterns similar to Aurora mini 18, but lighter and has a built-in battery holder in the back.
    A12 comes with a non-rechargeable battery (CR2450) and a black cord (lanyard) to hang around the neck. The battery lasts for about 5 hours or more in continuous run.
    This is a kit version, which requires surface mount soldering, and PIC programming hardware such as PICKit3. If you don’t have SMT soldering skill, or PIC programmer, there is a fully assembled version as well.

    • 12 common-anode RGB LEDs.
    • PIC24F08KL301 16 bit microcontroller @ 32 MHz.
    • Each LED is PWM controlled in 128 gamma-corrected levels.
    • Dimension: 1.9 inch diameter, 0.4 inch thick (including the battery)
    • Powered by a coin cell battery (CR2450 or LIR2450).
    • Battery will typically last about 5 hours continuously.
    Parts List
    • 1x PIC24F08KL301 or 401 – IC1
    • 12x PLCC4 RGB LED (common-anode)
    • 1x 10uF 10V MLCC – C1
    • 1x Tactile Switch – SW1
    • 1x Battery Retainer
    • 1x CR2450 (Lithium) or LIR2450 (Rechargeable Li-ion) Battery
    Schematics: A12 schematic-rev6
    Firmware: A12-1.3.hex

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