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Wireless Communication Systems: Advanced Techniques for Signal Reception


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Wireless Communication Systems: Advanced Techniques for Signal Reception By Xiaodong Wang and H. Vincent Poor
Publisher: Prentice Hall 2003 | 704 Pages | ISBN: 0130214353 | CHM | 13 MB

A unified framework for using today's most advanced signal processing techniques
Driven by the rapidly escalating capacity demands of emerging wireless systems, researchers havedeveloped a wide array of novel signal processing techniques for use in such systems. Now, twoleading researchers synthesize the field's vast new literature, giving working engineers practicalguidance for designing advanced wireless receivers.
Drs. Xiaodong Wang and H. Vincent Poor offer a complete framework for developing, analyzing, andunderstanding the explicit algorithms needed for advanced processing in emerging wireless systems.They address a full range of physical-layer issues, including multipath, dispersion, interference,dynamism, and multiple-antenna systems. In many cases, the authors themselves developed the methodsthey present. Coverage includes:
An overview of contemporary wireless signaling environments and basic receiver signal processing techniques
Blind, group-blind, space-time, and turbo multiuser detection
Robust multiuser detection in non-Gaussian channels
Narrowband interference suppression: linear and non-linear predictive techniques, performance comparisons, and more
Monte Carlo Bayesian signal processing
Signal processing for fast fading channels
Advanced signal processing for coded OFDM systems

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