Dimmer circuit triac tic225 POWER control in loads as illumination of lamps

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    The main component of that project is the triac that acts as a switch that determines the amount of power that will apply the lamp or other load. The potentiometer in the circuit is to vary the potency supplied by the triac.


    When the terminal of Diac reaches your rupture tension (typically 30v), the diac leads and it allows the capacitor to discharge in the gate of the triac, doing with that the triac among in conduction and the load is fed. The net formed by C4 and R5 in parallel with the triac frog to avoid that, because when the dimmer is controlling inductive loads it can form high tension picks in the hour of turning off. The capacitor absorbs like this her/it on generated tension and the resistor it limits the current of discharge of the capacitor on the triac.
    The net formed by the capacitor C1 and the reel L1 it serves as filter to impede the propagation of rf interference for the net of energy.
    The fuse in series with the load to be controlled is to protect against short circuits. The triac can be chosen in agreement with the load to be controlled. In that circuit a tic 225D is used for 8 Amperes in 400 volts. Triac will heat up then it can be necessary a heat-sink. The reel L1 can be built home, with 40 turns of thread #22 AWG in two layers of 20 turns on a ferrite stick of + – 2cm.

    Board suggestion for assembly of the dimmer with triac, real size

    Printed circuit board of the components to guide in the assembly of the circuit

    Lists of components for assembly of the dimmer circuit

    10 K
    R2: 2,2k
    R3:47 1W
    Pot: Potencies
    C1, C2, C3:
    100NF /600V
    Triac of 8A/400V TIC225D or equivalent
    D1: Diac Ht32 or equivalent
    Several L1: 100µH. see text
    F1: Fuse of 3 amperes Terminal carries fuse for circuit printed
    Connectors (optional), cable of force, printed circuit board, etc.

    If the circuit be used in the control of illumination of lamps, the board can be inserted in the standard box of the switch and to use the potentiometer in the place of the switch to control to I shine of the lamp.

    100nF 400 volts, dimmers using tyristors, triac diac high current dimmer

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