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EJTAG For Echolink B And C Complete Instraction With Pics


Tanınmış Üye

Need 3 resistance 100 OM, 33 OM, 1 kohms, db25 printer, caustic tool-25 watt
How to make cable
Link only 5 of resistance
Bind the wires (not exceeding 15 cm at most)​

Dragged the Volt as a picture
Don't forget to paste Jp1 legs together​

Cables should be as short as possible on the one hand a db25 Alternatively record 6 to plugins (1-d câble DB25 câble imprimante​

Link your jtag cable to the computer (1-d câble DB25 câble ’ imprimante)​

Now explain how
First install device JTAG cable
II then installation inst _ giveio
Third open program EJTAG _ TT and then the following counters​

Press the Connect button that you want mistakenly catching the taking read as you can only be programmed in the BOT boot if you want to boot ali c. § B Or dump would prefer​