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PHP Advanced Transfer Manager rss.php Ayarları nasıl yapılır görsel anlatım

Konusu 'Görsel ve Resimli Anlatımlar' forumundadır ve guclusat tarafından 30 Eylül 2010 başlatılmıştır.

  1. guclusat

    guclusat Tanınmış Üye Süper Moderatör

    14 Haziran 2009
    Ödül Puanları:
    *                               rss.php
    *                            -------------------
    *   begin                : 11/09/2007 19:54
    *   copyright            : ('C) 2007-2008 TerrorLine.de
    *   contact              : http://flavaclown.de/contact.php
    *   $Id: rss.php, v1.05 10/06/2008 22:24 Flava Clown $
    *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License', or
    *   ('at your option) any later version.
    define('IN_PHPATM', true);
    $include_location = dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'])."/";
    // config part of the script
    $site_title = $page_title; // your site title, the default setting will show what you have set in the conf.php
    $site_link = $installurl = "http://guclusat.gu.funpic.de/"; // a link to your site, the default setting, links to your phpatm powered site (absolute url).
    // $site_link = "http://guclusat.gu.funpic.de/"; // set it like this, if you don't want to use a link to your phpatm powered site.
    $site_description = "A description of my phpATM powered site."; // a description of your phpATM site.
    $max_last_files_rss = 10; // Max number of files listed, works like $max_last_files from the conf.php
    $hide_these_dirs = ""; // here you can add the names from folder which content you don't want to appear in the feed
    // an example: to hide the folders with the names 'wallpaper' and 'misc' you have to set it like this:
    // $hide_these_dirs = "^wallpaper$|misc$";
    // to hide a subfolder (like 'test' in the folder 'wallpaper') add only '^test$' not 'wallpaper/test$' !!!
    // end config part
    if (!function_exists('allhtmlentities'))
        function allhtmlentities($string)
            return preg_replace('/[^\x09\x0A\x0D\x20-\x7F]/e', '"&#".ord($0).";"', $string);
    // Ricerca ricorsivamente i file contenuti nella directory indicata ed
    // in ogni subdirectory in essa contenuta e ritorna un array contentente
    // i dieci files pi recentri trovati fino a quel momento
    function find_last_files($current_dir, $lastfiles = array())
        global $max_last_files_rss,$hidden_dirs,$showhidden,$reserved_files,$hide_these_dirs;
        // Leggo il contenuto della directory passata come primo argomento
        $handle = opendir($current_dir);
        while (false !== ($filename = readdir($handle)))
            // Scarto i file da non visualizzare o non accettabili
            if (!eregi($reserved_files, $filename) && show_hidden_files($filename))
                // Se  una dir lancio ricursivamente la funzione
                    if($hide_these_dirs == "")
                        // Non controllo le dir nascoste
                        if (eregi($hidden_dirs, $filename) && !$showhidden)
                        { continue; }
                        // Non controllo le dir nascoste
                        if (eregi($hidden_dirs, $filename) && !$showhidden || eregi($hide_these_dirs, $filename))
                        { continue; }
                    $lastfiles = find_last_files("$current_dir/$filename", $lastfiles);
                // Inserisco il file trovato nell'array
                $file_modif_time = filemtime("$current_dir/$filename");
                $lastfiles["$current_dir/$filename"] = $file_modif_time;
        // Ordino l'array trovato in base alla data d'invio e
        // mantengo solo i primi '$last_files_shown' valori (definito in conf.php)
        arsort($lastfiles, SORT_NUMERIC);
        array_splice($lastfiles, $max_last_files_rss);
        return $lastfiles;
    // Stampa l'elenco dei file ordinati
    function show_files()
        global $directory,$uploads_folder_name,$installurl,$timeoffset,$phpExt;
        global $file_out_max_caracters,$comment_max_caracters;
        global $grants,$user_status,$validation_enabled,$dft_language;
        $lastfiles = find_last_files($uploads_folder_name);
        $tab = 1;
        while (list($filename, $filedate) = each($lastfiles))
            $directory = ereg_replace($uploads_folder_name, '', dirname($filename));
            if (strchr($directory, '/') == 0)
            { $directory = substr($directory, 1); }
            list($upl_user, $upl_ip, $filestatus, $contents) = get_file_description($filename, $comment_max_caracters);
            if (!$validation_enabled || $filestatus == VALIDATED || ($filestatus == UNVALIDATED && $grants[$user_status][VALIDATE]))
                list($upl_user, $upl_ip, $filestatus, $contents) = get_file_description($filename, $comment_max_caracters);
                $file_modif_time = filemtime($filename) - $timeoffset * 3600;
            echo"  <item>
       <title>".date("[d My] ", $file_modif_time).substr(basename(allhtmlentities($filename)),0,$file_out_max_caracters)."</title>
       <description>".allhtmlentities($contents)." Size: ".get_filesize($filename)."</description>
       <guid isPermaLink=\"false\">".date("Y-m-d\TH:i:sO", $file_modif_time)."#".$tab++."</guid>
       <pubDate>".date("D, d M Y H:i:s T", $file_modif_time)."</pubDate>
        }             // while loop
        echo " </channel>
    function show_header()
        global $dft_language,$site_title,$site_link,$site_description,$generator,$phpExt,$installurl;
        $generator = "PHP Advanced Transfer Manager v".PROGRAM_VERSION;
        echo "<?xml version=\"1.0\"?>
    <!-- RSS generated by $generator -->
    <rss version=\"2.0\" xmlns:atom=\"http://www.w3.org/2005/Atom\">
      <pubDate>".date("D, d M Y H:i:s O")."</pubDate>
      <lastBuildDate>".date("D, d M Y H:i:s O")."</lastBuildDate>
      <atom:link href=\"$installurl/rss.${phpExt}\" rel=\"self\" type=\"application/rss+xml\" />
    header("Content-type: application/rss+xml");

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  2. uydudoktoru

    uydudoktoru Tanınmış Üye Yönetici Yönetici

    13 Haziran 2009
    Ödül Puanları:
    What it does:
    It creates an RSS Feed * with the latest files added to your phpATM page.

    * Feeds are specially formatted documents which summarize the content of web sites. For example, a feed might summarize the latest news headlines from a news site or the latest posts on a blog. You can view the content of feeds in Firefox, create Live Bookmarks for them, or add them to a feed reader on your computer or on the Web.

    How to install:
    1. Unpack the rss.php to a temporary folder.

    2. Open the rss.php with your favorite PHP editor (such as Notepad++) and change the variables from the part marked as "config part of the script" (line 28 - line 40), to fit your needs.
      1. $site_title: the title of your site (default $page_title which is the title as set in the conf.php)

      2. $site_link: link to your site (default $installurl which links to your phpATM page)

      3. $site_description: add there a description of your phpATM page

      4. $max_last_files_rss: this is the maximal number of files listed (default 10)

      5. $hide_these_dirs: hidden directories (regular expression) which latest files won't be listed (default "")
    3. Upload the rss.php to your phpATM folder. If necessary change the extension.

    4. Open the include/functions.php with your favorite PHP editor and search for function page_header($title)and find there the following line:

      echo "<link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"styles.css\" type=\"text/css\">";
      add under it the following code:

      echo "<link rel=\"alternate\" href=\"rss.php\" type=\"application/rss+xml\" title=\"RSS 2.0\">";
    5. You could add a link to the rss.php, a good place would be in the row where the [Last uploads] - [Top downloads] links are placed. To add it there open the index.php and search for function list_dir($directory) find there the following lines:

      <td align=\"center\" bgColor=\"$tablecolor\">
      <font size=\"2\" face=\"$font\" color=\"$normalfontcolor\">
      [<a href=\"showrecent.$phpExt?".SID."\">$mess[199]</a>]
      [<a href=\"showtophits.$phpExt?".SID."\">$mess[200]</a>]
      replace these lines with the following code:

      <td align=\"center\" bgColor=\"$tablecolor\"><font size=\"2\" face=\"$font\" color=\"$normalfontcolor\">
      [<a href=\"showrecent.$phpExt?".SID."\">$mess[199]</a>]&nbsp;-&nbsp;<a href=\"RSS.$phpExt?".SID."\" title=\"Click here to subscribe to my feed.\"><img src=\"images/RSS.png\" border=\"0\" width=\"16\" height=\"16\" alt=\"RSS feed\" align=\"top\"></a>&nbsp;-&nbsp;[<a href=\"showtophits.$phpExt?".SID."\">$mess[200]</a>]

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